The 949 Group is a full service real estate advisory firm, serving buyers, tenants, and investors in the Southern California, Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Denver markets. In our over 40 years of practice, we have developed a reputation for excellence in providing customized portfolio services for our clients. We are best known for delivering maximum value to our clients by combining our unique market knowledge with the utmost levels of expertise, professionalism, and planning to produce cost-effective and creative real estate transactions.

How we started

The 949 Group was started in 2007 as a boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm with locations in Southern California and Northern California. The founders joined together from other commercial real estate companies and brought a proven record of success in sales and leasing as well as ownership. Over the years The 949 Group deal flow has grown significantly reaching many local and national clientele.

Ultimately our goal is to help Investors and business owners with real estate strategies that cut costs, save time, and protect their long term interests. We leverage our expertise, market knowledge, as well as cutting edge technology to implement strategies to achieve our goal.

Why People Like Us

  • Lower Costs. We deliver exactly what your business needs – the best property and the lowest cost.
  • Reputation. We have worked with fortune 500 companies and leased/sold over 1.5 million square feet.
  • “Word of Mouth”. You’re likely to hear good things about our work from a business next door, friends, and clients.
  • Committed Customers. Our clients have the utmost trust in our work and we have a 95% client return rate.
  • Tailor The Lease/Sale Transaction To Meet Your Needs.
  • We work with you to structure a deal that allows you to transition smoothly into the new property without without headaches or wasting money.

Why we are different

  • Owners. We own commercial real estate. Our Principals have had ownership interests in almost 1 million square feet of commercial property. This gives us an edge against brokers because we know exactly how to negotiate the best deal since we have first hand experience as an owner and occupant of commercial property.
  • Personal. Since we are a relatively smaller firm our professionals deliver a more personal touch by spending more time with you throughout the sales process than other larger firms are able to spend.
  • Experience. We have worked and trained at the largest commercial real estate companies in the world – CBRE and Colliers. Our services surpasses the larger companies since we spend more time with each client for each transaction.